Homeschool FAQs

Q: What is homeschooling?

A: Homeschooling is different for each family and can range from very structured to wildly eclectic . There is no right or wrong way - there is YOUR way and what works for each family is the best way for them. Some choose to emulate school at home, some choose boxed curriculum, some choose from a variety of homeschool educational philosophies, some choose to "unschool" (letting their children come to education through empowering their interests as they go through life) and some do a bit of everything!

Q: Who Homeschools?

A: There are a lot of preconceived notions about what homeschoolers are like. Most homeschoolers are just normal people who have decided that their children would be better served in a different learning environment. You will find homeschoolers everywhere. They come from all walks of life and every educational background. If you check out our groups you are quite likely to find a group of like minded homeschoolers in your area who can answer your questions and steer you to the teaching methods which would best suite your lifestyle and beliefs.

Q: Is Homeschooling Legal?

A: Homeschooling is legal in all fifty states and Canada and is becoming increasingly popular in Australia, New Zealand, England, and Japan. Each state, country and province has its own laws for homeschooling and it is important for you to acquaint yourself with them. In our "support" section you will find a list of contacts for support groups for your state as well as a synopsis of the laws of that state or region. These should help guild you in this process and help you fulfill your states requirements. This really isn't as daunting as it sounds, some states merely "request" that you send a Notice of Intent and don't require it and some states require you to document everything. The power is in the knowledge.

Q: Is homeschooling expensive?

It's like asking if weddings are expensive. Homeschooling is as expensive as you want it to be and whether you have a big budget or big ideas you can educate your child marvelously on a little more than free all the way up to the "sky's the limit".

Libraries, the internet, class scholarships ,hand me down curriculum and the like can make homeschooling very accessible.

Boxed curricula and paid internet classes, sports, music, art etc. can add up and it is something that you will want to budget for. The choice, however, is yours and that is part of the beauty of it. If you look throughout this site you will find payment options that may help you spread the expenses out on your credit card so as to avoid the twice a year "hit" that your finances feel when the semesters change. If you direct your class teachers and tutors to our "Classes" page they will be enabled to accept online payment and you can also avoid the insidious lost check syndrome that besieges many of us.

Q: What's so great about homeschooling?

A: For a lot of us, one of the best parts of homeschooling is the time we get to spend together. Homeschooling families have a tenancy to genuinely like one another. Homeschoolers also enjoy the freedoms that aren't accommodated by being tied down to a school systems schedules. We travel off peak, for less and enjoy the place to ourselves! We also live and learn in the real world with people of all ages, walks and ideas.

Q: What are the drawbacks?

A: Once you get past the nagging fears of "What if I do it wrong?" that perennially pop up in the middle of the night and once you accept the fact that your epitaph will not read "She kept a tidy house" and once you adjust to half the income you might have earned had you both dedicated yourselves to full time employment and not to your kids education - you can sit back and giggle because you've had a great time!

Q: What about "Socialization"?

A: This is a frequently asked question posed by well meaning relatives, neighbors, friends and complete strangers. The truth is that studies have shown homeschooling children to have higher self esteem and self image and to be very secure in who they are. Some people truly think that homeschoolers stay at home all day , diligently sitting around the kitchen table for 6 hours a day slaving over books. While there may be some who do, most accomplish in three hours what most schools manage in a day and then we are off to libraries, karate,dance,painting,lego,robots, massive play dates,parks, beaches, museums, the theater - you name it- the world is our oyster! In that time our kids get to know people of every age, shape, size and color and tend to be well liked. If you think about it - traditional schools offer a very unatural environment. After all, when was the last time you sat around for 6 hours a day in a room full of people just your age who were under orders not to move or speak to one another and were all doing the exact same thing? Doesn't sound very social to me!

Q: Will my child be able to get into college if they are homeschooled?

A: Homeschoolers are actually preferred by some universities and colleges because they are used to working on thier own, thinking on their own, they are very creative in their thinking and they usually know their stuff. They, also, regularly preform above the average on ACTs and SATs.

Q: Can I homeschool anywhere?

A: There is a girl who grew up being homeschooled by her truck driving mother in the cab of her semi truck that has graduated from Harvard University and is headed to law school. There are entire online communities of kids sailing around the world with their families. It's safe to say you can do it just about anywhere.

The Homeschooling movement , while having it's origins in the US has been growing in popularity around the world, particularly in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Japan. Where as you may find more physical homeschool support here you will find a world of support via the internet. If your child is a teen you may want to consider participating in the international baccalaureate program, which gives your child an international diploma that he can use for admittance to some of the finest universities in the world.



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